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White Hat SEO

I got into the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business after watching some of my best customers get badly ripped off by fly-by-night SEO "Experts", who in some cases, did such a poor job that they got my client blacklisted. You could type his company's name into the search box, and his listing would not show up.

It appears that everyone who was selling swamp land in Florida in the 80s, tech stocks in the 90s, and derivatives in the 2000s, are now selling SEO services. My customers were showing up with back links from Russian porn sites, and Czechoslovakian hacker sites.

I wanted to show my clients that it was possible to achieve top rankings while dealing with a legitimate business that actually did the work to move their sites onto first page ranking. I wanted to show that it is possible to do that using "White Hat" SEO, by getting them links from legitimate websites that have very high page rank ratings.

Of course, I was my own first customer. I had never paid much attention to SEO, since the vast majority of my business came from existing customers or referrals. I did not depend on my website for business. So when I checked, I found that I was not listed in the first 10 pages for any of the keywords and phrases that people were using to search for web developers.

Now, I've taken the time to become an SEO expert, and I am now on the first page for ten of my top keywords, including two at position one. My position improves every week.

What I've discovered is that good SEO takes time, but if you're doing the right things, and doing them well, you ca see great results quickly. The answer isn't always back links. The search engines also wants to find good code and content on your site.

I had a client recently whose site have been built by a designer, who was not a good coder. Her site was so poorly constructed that Google refused to sell AdWords advertising to them until they cleaned up their code. This turned out to be a massive project, as the site had hundreds of pages and each was discrete. I developed a custom CMS that generated clean logical code. Within five days after we relaunched, with no traditional SEO done, her search position jumped 20 places, taking her from page 3 to page 1 for her top keyword. The only difference was the code on the page. So SEO "experts" who tell you that "on page" factors don't matter are just wrong. It helps to have someone doing your SEO who also knows how to code.

I am based in Vancouver BC, and understand the importance of local search to your overall SEO strategy. If your business primarily deals with the local Vancouver or Lower Mainland market, then it can be much less expensive, and more effective to pursue a specific SEO Vancouver approach. I know how to focus your SEO campaign on your local market, so you get relevant and useful leads from people who can actually use your services or products.

If you are looking for someone with proven ability to get websites on the home page of the top search engines, and do it using legitimate "White Hat" methods, please give me a call. Realize that legitimate SEO takes time and effort. SEO Programs start at $400 a month, with a three month minimum. Call me at 604-505-3479 or 800-668-3778 and let's discuss how to get your business on the first page.

  • I'll optimize your code to be search engine friendly.
  • I'll help you create copy and content that the search engines love.
  • I'll help you create a local stategy for Vancouver SEO results.