Custom PHP Programming

Custom PHP Programming can add interactivity
and enhanced functionality to your website

Turn your website from a brochure to a useful tool for your customers.

Custom PHP Programming

Custom PHP Programming puts your website to work.

PHP has become the working language of the web. It's fast and agile, and fully integrated with most modern databases. If your website needs some advanced capabilities, using custom PHP programming allows me to add those capabilities securely.

There are thousands of functions within PHP. Unless you're working with it full-time, coding in PHP can be frustrating and difficult. With my knowledge of PHP and my expertise with databases, I can create programs that always work, are easy to maintain, are scalable and secure.

Core PHP with OOP

By using Core PHP with Object-Oriented Programming your site becomes easier to maintain, with a clear logic that any competent PHP programmer can follow.

By using Core PHP with 00P, your programs are more scalable. OOP permits the use of the same functions throughout your programs, making changes to your functions instantly available to all of your programs. You can also add new functionality to your code quickly and easily, keeping your programs up-to-date, and facilitating the implementation of new technology as it becomes available.

For larger projects, using OOP improves design, maintenance and scalability.