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Brian Irwin Web Development and Web Design, is based in Vancouver. Our company application and web development professionals have decades of experience in all related areas of web development. We offer affordable programming and web developer services for small, medium and large companies in Vancouver. Our company has a huge code library, which is one of the reasons why our pricing is so affordable for web development. In many cases we have already developed similar projects and have code sitting on the shelf, which in turn lowers your costs. Instead of having to reinvent the wheel, we just need to modify the code, which is why we can reduce the completion time for web development. Brian Irwin is an experienced programmer, website designer and web developer. Brian also brings decades of experience in executive management, marketing, systems integration, and retail and commercial business operations. This experience ensures our Clients get spectacular results with the right combination of web services and fast, clean and effective web development. Here are some of the application and website services we offer:

Front End Web Development

Our web development, web design, and database programming services can quickly create a website that will radically improve your traffic to sales conversions. We develop websites that help our Clients grow their business. Front end design, navigation, optimization and the right combination of industry specific features is the key to successful web development. Whether you need a brand new web site developed, or an existing site refaced, our in-house web designer can create a design that looks great, flows and gets the results that you are looking for. We design websites to be not only beautiful, but also effective lead and sales generators. We also integrate and develop functional interactive web features into your site design. Creating a responsive, clean and dynamic website that produces results you can put in the bank, is our prime directive in web development.

Web Development with SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization is often ignored in web development. However, the long term benefits of SEO are consistent sales, brand awareness and free quality traffic. It is easy to buy positioning in the search engine results with expensive PPC (pay per click) ads. On the other hand, generating free organic traffic requires skill and the right SEO website architecture incorporated in the initial stages of web development. BIA has an in-house SEO pro with 20 years of experience in SEO and web development. Over the years the search engines have kept raising the standards bar for websites to qualify and appear on the first page of the search results. SEO has evolved into a highly complex science where the rules are constantly changing. The days of do it yourself SEO are long gone. One of the smartest moves you can make is to incorporate SEO in the initial stages of development.

Database and Back End Development

Database and back end web development is the key to building a functional website that helps convert traffic into sales. With BIA you can Let your imagination go. If you want a creative feature we can turn it into reality. BIA developers know how to make your data work miracles. Our database programming increases the functionality of your website and enhances a potential customer's first impression. Development programming can give you access to an unprecedented amount of data to analyze the results and preferences of your site visitors. Database and back end programming are a critical component of results oriented web development.
Development Consulting
Do you have a website that isn't making you money and not sure what to do? BIA offers free and paid consulting services. We can analyze your website and come up with proven strategies and solutions that are sure to increase your sales. Web development is what we do, Give our company a call, or schedule your free no obligation consultation on our services for web development.

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